We do -
digital marketing.
At Dizimods, we offer digital marketing services
that drive more traffic to your website and to
augment your sale. Our services include doing SEO,
handling campaigns,doing promotions to draw the
user’s attention towards your products.
Learning platform -
Exam board is the only learning platform that
has focused on making things easier for
competition exams. From test-series to videos
to pdf notes, the Exam board prepares you well
for the upcoming govt. Exams.
We also do -
Live streaming .
Communicate with a bunch of your clients
at the same with our live streaming service.
No matter what your purpose is, our live
streaming service is all you need to bring
your clients together.
Video services ——–
Live Streaming.
Whatsapp ——–
Whatsapp marketing.
We build products
Development company in India


At Dizimods, we take pride in building websites. No matter what your niche is and what your requirements are, we cater to all your different needs.


Live Classes, Online Streaming, Mock Tests, Video are other things you can expect. We promise to deliver you an unprecedented experience by keeping our prices low and affordable


We cater to the diversifying needs of the users and no matter what your requirement is, we are sure to provide you with the best hosting services while keeping your budget intact.

Social media services

Our social media services include getting you plenty of views and likes on your post so that your product reaches a wider and right audience on Youtube, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

E-commerce Services

This includes providing your products with good reviews We also provide SEO Service for your products so your products remains always on the top spot. This will further augment your sales.

Data Extractor

We will Provide the data of the users that will help the company to promote the products in the digital manner with the help of the Whatsapp, Telegram promotions

Whatsapp Promotion

We have a huge database of customers and you can reach out to a wider audience. With photos and videos of products sent to the customers, it leaves a good impression on their minds.

Live streaming Services

Live Streaming Service is a useful way to generate a lead for businesses and we, at Dizimods provide live streaming services. Whether you are taking a class or have scheduled a meeting with your clients.

Telegram Promotion

Our service at Dizimods also includes promoting the products on Telegram. Since we have a large database, we intend to target the right audience so your product garners a lot of attention and ultimately boost your sale.

Hi, I’m Vicky Mehta

As an owner of Dizimods, my only vision is to provide the businesses with good services so they can take their venture to another level. I have worked with some of the biggest clients in the business and it has been a massive success. Looking forward to working with you.

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